About Us

Red Brook Tenkara was founded to share our knowledge of tenkara and provide high quality gear at fair prices.

What inspires us… Red Brook. Red Brook is a spring-fed, cold water stream in Massachusetts. It spans 4.5 miles and is home to the famous “Salter” brook trout. Salter is the regional term for the anadromous trout that hatch in fresh water, travel to the sea and return to the freshwater brooks to spawn as adults.

Red Brook is part of the Theodore Lyman Reserve and is a popular fly fishing spot (catch and release only). It is one of the few remaining Salter fisheries on the east coast of the United States and should be treated with care. It survives today because of the efforts of the Lyman family and the work of The Trustees, the Sea Run Brook Trout Coalition and many volunteers from Trout Unlimited. Their work has inspired many others to work to restore similar fisheries across the United States. Please join us in supporting the Sea Run Brook Trout Coalition and Trout Unlimited.

Bill Holleran / Founder