The Wicked Pissa (3 pack)

The Wicked Pissa (3 pack)

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Wicked Pissa is New England slang for Awesome

We spent a lot of time selecting a supplemental fly selection for when you’re struggling to attract the fish and need something different. These flies are a great compliment to any fly box and often produce when others aren’t working.lts.

Sow bug – so what Top Secret Midge Z Wing Caddis – Dr. Z

Top Sow bugs are vital to so many water bodies. Can be used to imitate scuds, shrimps and of course sow bugs.

Invented by Pat Dorsey on the South Platte River to entice finicky fish. Very productive and versatile. Imitates Chironomid larva, mosquito larva

Super productive emerging caddis. The Z-lon shuck material traps bubbles, and gives this pattern a life like appearance and action

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Went fishing for only the second time in my life a few weeks ago. After a quick lesson on how to properly expand the rod from Bill we were off. Had my first fish ever within 20 minutes. Ended up catching 3 total. I thought handling the rod was gonna be very difficult. I was totally wrong. After only a few casts I was putting the fly pretty close to where I was aiming. I now see why so many people develop a love for fishing. I look forward to gaining experience in this wonderful activity. Thank you Bill for your patience and encouragement.

Mike C.

I always wanted to fly fish- I really didn't think I was coordinated enough but then I discovered Redbrooktenkara

You must try this method of fishing. It is truly easy and tons
of fun. Bill is very knowledgeable and a great instructor. Quality products at affordable prices.

Jerry D.

The Versatile

rbt one