RBT's Lucky 13 Fly Assortment + Fly Box

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Our 13 favorite flies included in a slim silicone lined fly box. A great selection for a successful day on the water. includes the following...

  • kebari - black and white zebra
  • kebari - olive green
  • kebari - peacock
  • brassie bead head
  • caddis emerger
  • green arrow bead head
  • sow bug
  • top secret midge
  • z-wing caddis
  • blowtorch
  • hare's ear tungsten bead head
  • rainbow warrior bead head
  • San-Juan worm

Low Profile Silicone lined Fly Box


  • Holds up to 121 flies
  • low-profile is perfect for Tenkara flies and stores neatly in the smallest of spaces
  • Silicon material keeps them dry
  • Approximate dimensions 7-1/4” x 4” x ½”
  • Durable plastic holds up to everyday abuse
  • Clear plastic front

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    Went fishing for only the second time in my life a few weeks ago. After a quick lesson on how to properly expand the rod from Bill we were off. Had my first fish ever within 20 minutes. Ended up catching 3 total. I thought handling the rod was gonna be very difficult. I was totally wrong. After only a few casts I was putting the fly pretty close to where I was aiming. I now see why so many people develop a love for fishing. I look forward to gaining experience in this wonderful activity. Thank you Bill for your patience and encouragement.

    Mike C.

    I always wanted to fly fish- I really didn't think I was coordinated enough but then I discovered Redbrooktenkara

    You must try this method of fishing. It is truly easy and tons
    of fun. Bill is very knowledgeable and a great instructor. Quality products at affordable prices.

    Jerry D.

    The Versatile

    rbt one